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Amnesia Haze Strain

This legendary strain of marijuana is one of the finest cannabis sativas ever created. Sativa dominant this strain produces a very long powerful psychedelic stone.



About Amnesia Haze Strain

Amnesia Haze is a cup winning strain with two cup wins and many more awards along the way. Our Amnesia Haze Feminized offering was created using two genetically superior parents from a batch of 30 individuals.

The Amnesia Haze strain is known for its giant stature and huge harvests, as you would expect from a strain with strong sativa genetics. Make no mistake though, this is one greedy strain. Feed them well and you will be rewarded. Harvests are in the plenty with yields between 500-600 g/m2. Any Haze weed strain will really flourish and thrive outside, in fact Amnesia Haze loves to be outside.

If you do grow this strain outside you will benefit massively from even bigger harvests than 600g/m2+. Amnesia weed can be grown indoors but you will need to keep the height down with some plant training. Therefore, we would consider this strain a moderately difficult grow.

THC levels

THC levels have been recorded well above 20% and the smoke is renowned for being smooth, sweet and slightly fruity. The taste is a fragrant blend of aromatic spices and sweet/sour fruits making a pleasant smoking experience, especially with friends. In fact, we’d recommend this strain for social occasions.

As a haze strain, it shows good pest resistance which will be needed as this strain takes 12-14 weeks to flower. But don’t worry, Amnesia Haze is well worth the effort. It is one of the most powerful strains we offer!

This haze weed does exactly what it should: driving your mind into a hazy cloud of forgetfulness.

Exercise with caution if you need to achieve anything after having smoked this as the highly cerebral effect will find your attention wandering to everything and anything.


Everyone loves a haze strain! And Amnesia Haze is the perfect strain to relax with and enjoy at social gatherings. The taste is sweet and sour with complimentary spice and earthy tones. The sour notes will be more distinctive on the exhale, especially with frequent use.

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22%, 40%, 70%, 75%


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