Vic Mensa Launches New Cannabis Brand, “93 Boyz”

Vic Mensa Launches New Cannabis Brand, “93 Boyz”

Hip-hop and cannabis seem to go hand in hand. Many rappers like Vic Mensa are turning an enjoyable habit into a business.

Vic Mensa


The Chicago rapper created his cannabis brand, 93 Boyz, representing the year Mensa was born, 1993.

Mensa shared his original announcement of the brand launch featured in Forbes Magazine on his Instagram page with the headline:

“Before I sold a rap, I sold an eighth.”

Mensa says he sold cannabis when he was 15 and stopped to pursue his rap career in his late teens. 

Mensa also admitted to starting the brand to “keep up with his first hustle.”

93 Boyz is the first Black-owned cannabis brand in Illinois and has a partnership with Books Before Bars.

This non-profit organization provides books to underserved prison libraries in Illinois.

Another rapper who recently stepped into the cannabis business is Atlanta rapper Gunna

In April, he announced the launch of his cannabis brand, “WUANALAND,” which was a collaboration with Los Angeles Traditional.

The official launch of the brand took place on 4/20, and it was advertised in an Instagram post by Gunna.

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