Bride, Wedding Caterer Charged With Lacing Guests’ Food With Cannabis

A bride and a caterer in Florida were charged after allegedly lacing their wedding guests’ food with marijuana in February, according to police. Body-worn camera footage provided by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office shows units responding to a wedding in Longwood after several people complained of nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. Police said several people were transported to hospital with “symptoms consistent with that of someone who has used illegal drugs,” according to the official affidavit. Deputy Donald Schwarzman is heard telling the bride, Danya Svoboda, and the groom, Andrew Svoboda, that cannabis was found in the food and asking if either of the two authorized the caterers to lace the dishes. “I wouldn’t be surprised if people had, like, their own edibles,” the groom tells Schwarzman. “If people have their own personal, and they’re ingesting it, that’s one thing,” Schwarzman responds. “But if somebody put it in the food for everybody, including minors, or whatever the case might be, then that’s where the problem kind of lies.” According to an official police affidavit, several guests admitted to feeling “ill,” “stoned” and “high,” before later testing positive for THC at the hospital. Officers collected food items and glassware from the wedding ceremony for testing. One wedding guest said the caterer, Jocelyn Montrinice Bryant, informed her there was cannabis in the food. Svoboda and Bryant are facing felony charges for violating Florida’s anti-tampering laws, delivery of marijuana, and culpable negligence. Credit: Seminole County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

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